LiNing Way of Wade WOW 9 Infinity “305”
Li-Ning Way of Wade WOW 9s 305″ Ordinary Edition

Do you know the difference between the LI-NING WAY OF WADE WOW 9 Infinity basketball shoes and the LI-NING WAY OF WADE WOW 9 Ordinary Edition?

LiNing Way of Wade 9s Infinity Version adopts LiNing’s latest technology – Double Arches-and 4-Thunder Beng technology, which is advanced boost mid sole with 7 layers. These new technology can make energy absorption increased by 32%, energy output increased by 47%, cushioning rebound extreme evolution, detonating strong upward propulsion.


The outsoles are composed of parametric lattice and herringbone pattern. The middle part of the sole is a hollow ellipse. On the top of the outsoles is a full-sole carbon plate. On the carbon plate, it is the basic material of the whole middle part. The full-length Li-Ning CLOUD technology has a very large material. Two grooves have been dug in the front and back of the middle part of the cloud, and two pieces of materials have been put inside. This way is very similar to zoom you know. On the next level, there is the supporting plate made of PEBAX, which is arched to connect the front and back palms, forming the structure of two-opposite arches, which is the core technology of the ninth generation. The next layer is EVA punching cloth, which is a thin layer. In order to reduce weight, punching is done. This layer is very thin, but it can provide a very direct foot feeling, and it will have a richer sense of layering.

In terms of the physical drawings and configuration information of Way of Wade 9s ordinary version and infinity version, there is a big difference between the two pairs of shoes. The WOW 9.0 infinity version has the BOA laces system with the high top design, while the WOW9 ordinary version is with the middle top modeling, zipper design and ordinary laces. In terms of the comparison of appearance, the difference between WOW9 ordinary version and WOW 9.0 infinity version is really big. What’s more, the configuration deconstruction of the middle sole also has a certain difference, one has technology, one does not, and the insoles are not the same. It can be said that two pairs of shoes are completely different. Which pair of shoes is better? Let’s wait for court wearing test.

The Sole Tech and Structure of WOW 9 Ordinary Version
Way of Wade 9.0 Ordinary Version Mid Cut White 305